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Intermediary-Carrier Directory

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Health Care Financing Administration

  • Section I: Part A Intermediaries and Part B Carriers by State
  • Section II: Part A Intermediaries and Part B Carriers
  • Section III: Commercial and Independents - Parts A & B
  • Section IV: Regional Home Health Intermediaries, Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers, Common Working File Host Contractors

Any inquiries regarding the content of this directory or changes to the information contained herein should be referred to the Health Care Financing Administration, Office of Internal Customer Support, Office of Acquisition and Grants Group, Division of Medicare Contractors, 7500 Security Boulevard - C2-21-15, Baltimore, Maryland 21244. Internet address: OICS-AGG-DMC@HCFA.GOV

Medicare contracts cover the rights and obligations of Intermediaries, Carriers, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Requests for action or information not specifically authorized by such contracts should not be made. Any questions in this regard should be addressed to the Office of Internal Customer Support, Acquisition and Grants Group, Division of Medicare Contractors.

RHC - Rural Health Clinics
CHC - Community Health Centers
CSC - Christian Science Centers
HHA - Home Health Agencies
HL - Histocompatibility Labs (Independent)
OPA - Organ Procurement Agencies (Independent)
PE - Parenteral/Enteral
DME - Durable Medical Equipment

(Updated August 1998, September 1998, June 1999, August 16, 1999, March 15, 2000)

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